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Sex Crimes Archives

Facing statutory rape charges? You can defend yourself

Charges for statutory rape are probably something you never saw coming. Maybe you started dating a girl who said she was 18 (but turned out to be 14) while you're 25, or you started hanging out with a man who said he was 21 when he was really only 15. The age of consent matters in these cases, of course, but if you've slept with someone under the age of consent, you can face statutory rape charges.

Texas cracking down on teachers who have relationships with kids

Texas is looking into creating harsher penalties for teachers who participate in sexual relationships with students, according to a report from Jan. 26. The news reports that this determination was made after a teacher in Dallas was alleged to have slept with a student she was teaching in middle school.

Sexual assault: How social media can help

There are several defenses for sexual assault, and social media can be a friend to you when it comes to proving your innocence. Here's an example: If you take a girl or boyfriend out to dinner and have a message afterward that says, "thank you for dinner," you can prove that you both went to dinner. Likewise, if your significant other or date says something about you sleeping together or having a sexual relationship, that information can be introduced in court.

Sexual assault charges pressed near Texas State University

With clowns in the news and more people on edge fearing assault and attacks, it's not surprising that an area that had an alleged clown sighting has also reported a sexual assault near the Texas State University campus. When there are threats to public safety, it's possible for people to get caught up in emotion, which may not be the case this time, but certainly could be the case for your situation. Because of the right of people getting emotional and making false accusations and reports, it's always important to defend yourself and exercise your right to an attorney if you're arrested on accusations of sexual assault.

Solicitation is a crime, even when it doesn't take place

Even though solicitation isn't sexual in itself, soliciting someone for sex is a crime. Criminal solicitation includes requesting, demanding or encouraging someone to engage in criminal conduct. Usually, this means the solicitation of prostitution, but it can apply to other kinds of cases.

Sex offender ordinances draw criticism

If there is a so-called "pedophile-free zone" in an area, is that legal? As someone who may be on a sex offender list, you know there are always some restrictions you'll need to face. Should you be painted with the same brush as others who are violent or dangerous offenders? No, and that is a problem if you are.

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