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Drug Charges Archives

Dealers face charges after woman's heroin overdose

What a person does with his or her body is largely out of the control of others. Despite that, a man from Dallas has been charged by federal authorities for his role in selling heroin to a woman who later died from an overdose. Two others face charges for trafficking illegal narcotics.

Decriminalization of marijuana may be in the future for Texas

Marijuana is being decriminalized in many places, and it may soon be in Texas. For example, in Harris County, those who are caught with less than two ounces of marijuana in their possession on a first offense will be summoned to court instead of arrested. They may then be given pre-trial diversion program access, which helps prevent them from getting a conviction.

Marijuana laws are harsh in Texas

The laws of the state you're in during an arrest make a serious difference in regards to how you're charged. In the case that you're stopped for having marijuana on your person, Texas is not necessarily the state you want to be in. It is still not legal in Texas, and there is a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000 if you're found to have two ounces or less of the drug in your possession.

The shocking truth about 116 drug possession prisoners in Texas

If you've ever been accused of a drug crime, you probably already know that some of the penalties can be unfair when compared to crimes of other natures. For instance, there are 116 people in Texas who are serving life sentences for drug possession. Out of those people, seven were in possession of only one to four total grams at the time of their arrests. That's basically enough for a single person to use.

What are some defenses for possessing drugs?

Possessing drugs can get you into a lot of trouble with the law, but you have rights that you can exercise to make sure you're treated fairly. To obtain a conviction against you, a prosecutor has to prove that you knew that you were in possession of drugs and were in possession of those drugs illegally. You must have had control over the substances as well.

You can defend yourself against drug charges for cocaine

Maybe you were driving a vehicle with a passenger who had cocaine and was caught, or you didn't know cocaine was in your home when it was raided and you were charged with a crime. Whatever the reason is that you've become involved in a drug charge, it's important that you have the ability to defend yourself.

You can fight drug charges as a minor

When you're underage and going to school, you may make mistakes when you're experimenting with new things. Being accused of a serious drug crime can be terrifying. You may not know where to turn or how this could affect you in the long term. Fortunately, the rules for drug penalties are clear, and even if you're charged as an adult, you can fight the charges placed against you.

Medical marijuana in Texas: Drug reform reaches the state

Medical marijuana is new in many states, and in Texas, medical marijuana is still part of a drug movement for reform. For some individuals, it can be purchased to treat a number of medical conditions, but the laws are still confusing and new. The drug itself is used to treat people who have long-term symptoms and terminal illnesses. It can be used to help with epilepsy, cancer and other diseases.

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