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Criminal Defense Archives

Stand your ground laws protect your right to defend yourself

You were at home, and you heard something break in the kitchen. You recognize the sound of shattering glass, so you pick up your gun and head toward the sound. There, you find a person entering your house. He isn't recognizable, and you can see he has a weapon, too. You realize you are being burgled, so you take the steps you need to keep your family safe.

You can defend yourself against a misdemeanor DUI

A DUI is an umbrella charge that includes drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while taking illegal drugs and getting behind the wheel while under the influence of prescription medications that affect your ability to drive safely. While drugs are not as easy to quantify, those who drive under the influence of alcohol and have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher can be immediately charged with a DUI.

It's hard to prove that you were texting behind the wheel

Everyone knows that texting and driving isn't safe, and it's not legal in most places, either. What is interesting for those accused of it is what officers can and can't do to obtain information on whether or not you were texting and driving.

You could face serious penalties for drinking and driving

Drunk driving is a crime that isn't looked upon lightly in Texas. While laws vary significantly depending on what happened in the case, charges brought against a person accused of drunk driving could impact him or her for the long-term. The person might be unable to work or have his or her family or social life affected.

Can social media help a criminal defense case?

Social media can change the way your criminal case is viewed. It can work positively for or negatively against you. Social networking has allowed for community policing, networking to find missing children and even to alert others of suspicious activities in the neighborhood, but it can also be a source for police to look for criminal acts or to confirm criminal suspicions.

The facts about Miranda rights

When you face criminal charges in Dallas, there are a few things you should know. From the moment that you're approached by police, you need to understand that you have Miranda rights that you can invoke. The police should read them to you when it's determined that you're going to be interrogated. If you talk to police before these rights are given or if police don't give them, then it may be presumed that anything you said was involuntary and shouldn't be used against you in court,which is a defense your criminal defense attorney can use to help you win your case at trial or to have it dismissed.

Public intoxication and what it means for you

Public intoxication is a crime that you can be accused of mistakenly, particularly if you are ill or have side effects from medications that make you appear intoxicated. If you're accused of being publicly intoxicated, your attorney can help you defend yourself by making sure your side of the story is heard and that your rights aren't infringed upon.

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