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College defensive lineman arrested on drug possession charges

It's a safe assumption that Texas college students tend to enjoy a party. That doesn't mean everyone who attends college drinks or uses drugs as he or she gets a taste of independence from mom's and dad's oversight. Sometimes, a choice or an error in judgment does result in the need to deal with an arrest on drug charges. If that happens, figuring out what's next can make a big difference in how it all works out.

A skilled evaluation of the circumstances is a good tool when an arrest for possession of drugs is made. It is even more important for an athlete, someone attending school on a scholarship, or a high-profile student of some type. The potential for long-term consequences is relevant for anyone, though. It is helpful to do as much as possible to protect goals and one's reputation.

A freshman football player attending Texas A&M was arrested last weekend on drug charges. While the particulars are not yet made public, it is reported the misdemeanor charges are for marijuana possession. According to a school official, policy is to suspend a student after arrest while an investigation proceeds. The defensive lineman reportedly started six games last season of the 11 he played.

The 19-year-old is presently free on $2,000 bond. Possession of two ounces or less of the drug carries up to 180 days in jail and a fine of $2,000 on conviction.

While a misdemeanor drug charge may not be the end of the world to some people, it can have serious fallout for a young person just developing a career or professional talent. Each individual is different. Careful consideration of all of the facts will help determine the best defense for each.

Source: ABC 30, "Texas A&M’s Golden arrested on pot charge" No author given, Feb. 24, 2014

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