When You Are Up Against A Criminal Charge, You Need A Tough And Seasoned Defense Attorney On Your Side

Criminal Cases Can Affect Your Future. Do Not Leave It To Chance.

Facing criminal charges is a serious challenge that may have repercussions for years to come. You could be facing jail time or prison and substantial amounts in fines and penalties. Criminal charges can affect future jobs, financial stability, where you can live and where you can travel.

Consulting with a seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the case and the charges against you. Getting experienced advice and counsel can be helpful in determining whether to accept a plea agreement or take the matter to trial. The law is complicated and requires an understanding of court documents and proceedings. Do not entrust your case to self-representation if you are facing serious criminal charges.

A Strong And Aggressive Trial Attorney

You may not understand how a critical piece of evidence can affect your case. If the authorities use improper methods to obtain evidence, attorney Frank Jackson can work to have it thrown out. At the Law Offices of Frank Jackson, he will also review the police reports, witness statements, lab reports and other evidence to ensure that all have been handled correctly. When necessary, he can work to improve your case by consulting with expert witnesses and other professionals.

Case Strategy And Litigation Are Unique To Each Case

No two cases are the same. A skilled lawyer can review your case and the evidence and guide you on the best plan forward. They will explain your options and how you should proceed. An experienced criminal defense attorney can also anticipate issues in the case before they become real problems. You do not want to face another attorney alone in court. Lacking legal counsel can leave you at a disadvantage.

Get A Consultation To Find Out How A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

Attorney Jackson offers free initial consultations in person. You can make an appointment via email or by calling locally at 214-663-2811 or toll-free at 214-663-2811. He will answer 24/7. Mr. Jackson does not give legal advice on specific cases virtually or over the phone.

With over 50 years of criminal law experience serving as a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer, attorney Jackson can defend your criminal case today. With an office location in Dallas, he defends people throughout North Texas, including those in Plano, Allen, Denton, Frisco and McKinney.

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