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Have you been arrested for driving drunk? Are you facing a DWI charge? Dallas DWI attorney, Frank Jackson , has tried hundreds of DWI/DUI cases and achieved a "not guilty" verdict. Attorney Frank Jackson has over 30 years of experience practicing law and always strives to obtain the best possible result. For experienced legal representation and a free initial consultation, contact Texas DWI defense lawyer, Frank Jackson, today.

Attorney Frank Jackson handles cases involving misdemeanor DWI/DUI and felony DWI/DUI charges. Due to his experience defending drunk driving charges, he receives many client referrals and attorney referrals. Other DWI defense lawyers entrust their clients to Frank Jackson to defend a felony DWI or multiple offense drinking and driving charge because felony drunk driving offenses are so complicated.

What He Can Do For You

Through the defense process, the Law Offices of Frank Jackson can challenge the probable cause of the police officer to make the DWI/DUI arrest, the reliability of the breathalyzer (breath test), the reliability of any blood tests, and the knowledge of the officer to accurately perform field sobriety tests. In addition, Attorney Frank Jackson challenges witnesses' and expert witness' credibility and attempts to have inappropriately obtained evidence sealed or suppressed.

If evidence is too strong, DWI/DUI attorney, Frank Jackson , is an experienced negotiator. He works with the prosecutor to agree on a reduced charge, reduced sentence, or reduced fine. In a past case, Attorney Frank Jackson plea-bargained a felony charge for multiple offenses of driving drunk down to a misdemeanor DWI, after the jury deadlocked 10-2 for not guilty.

For experienced criminal defense of your DWI/DUI, contact Dallas DWI attorney, Frank Jackson, today for a free initial consultation.

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